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About Kaya

Kaya Skin Clinic, is the region’s largest international skin clinic chain that specialises in advanced dermatological solutions for women and men. From treating acne of adolescence to the stretch marks of motherhood; from helping one beautifully overcome the challenges of mature skin to making their version of perfection a reality through aesthetic surgeries; Kaya aims to empower you to fearlessly pursue beauty in every stage of life, with solutions that restore, preserve and enhance the essential appeal and vitality of your skin, hair and body.

Committed to delivering the finest comprehensive dermatological and cosmetic care in the Middle East for almost 2 decades, Kaya has grown to offer its unique brand of expertise across 23 clinics covering the UAE, KSA and Oman and delighting over 350,000 customers.

Stemming from the collective intelligence & knowledge of the largest pool of dermatologists that Kaya has, Kaya Advanced Formulations was launched - a wide range of highly efficacious formulations, researched, designed and developed by the Kaya Skin Advisory, to make expert skin care available to you in the comfort of your home.

Kaya Advanced Formulations have been refined over the years on the basis of results seen on clients in the clinic to ensure the best outcome for every concern. They are designed to both, enhance the results of the in-clinic treatments and to work on its own as part of one’s skin care regime.

Enjoy the power of Kaya Advanced Formulations. Science beautifully applied.

From the House of Kaya 17 years, 350,000 customers, and other special ingredients.

Products of experience. The result of years of collective clinical work, helping customers of diverse ethnicities and age groups, women and men, with every conceivable concern or goal. From teen acne to the stretch marks of motherhood and the challenges of mature skin, Kaya is about creating successful outcomes. Being with you every step of your journey. While it involves working with advanced clinical technologies and techniques, it also means designing bottles of expertise that you can take home with you

Researched & Developed by Dermatologists Dermatology meets cellular research. The chemistry is extraordinary.

Products that stem from the dermatological expertise and scientific curiosity of our team of skin experts.

Their collective intelligence and amazing ability to capture every possible insight into how your skin works, defines the art of innovation at Kaya. Every product is put through extensive clinical trials before they qualify for the Kaya label and are endorsed by our dermatologists.

Backed by Science Advanced Formulations that deliver great results

Understanding how your skin feels. We've got it down to a science. Our products are serious performance formulations based on active ingredients that communicate with skin at a cellular level. From stem-cell research to nanotechnology, a lot goes into complementing your skin care regime. So it's really the little things that count. Our research and development team is passionate about bringing you the best that science has to offer.