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Kaya White Resilience

White Resilience. The hidden secrets of rare flowers.

Can flowers infuse skin with the bloom of youth? Science took us deep into the floral system to draw out the beauty secrets of nature. Introducing Kaya White Resilience – made with our special dermatological expertise. It takes advantage of Japanese Cherry Flower Extracts and Purple Orchid Extracts to moisturize and soothe your skin. It is effective for overall skin lightening and de-pigmentation. The formulation consists of antioxidant agents that work to make your skin supple and lighter for that flawless, fairer and youthful look. Kaya White Resilience. Amazing discoveries await you.

Infuse skin with the flower power of Kaya White Resilience. Enriched with Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry flower extracts, it helps shield your beauty against the onslaught of the sun to reveal flawless, fairer and younger-looking skin from deep within.