Pigmentation Reducing Complex is a light textured, fast absorbing cream that helps reduce dark spots, age spots, tanning and pigmentation marks that are resistant and have been there for a long time.It contains highly potent actives like Azelaic acid and Phytic acid which are proven tyrosinase inhibitors. The actives not only help to reduce the spots but also prevent further darkening of skin.Dermatologically tested to be Hypoallergenic. Helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation in just 2 weeks**Consumer Study, 2015

  • Benefits
  • Working principle
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Key Benefits

  • Gives an even skin tone.

Other Benefits

  • Lightens acne spots and freckles.
Phytic acid: Lightens the skin, controls sebum and adds elasticity.Azelaic acid: Reduces free radicals and is used to treat acne. Research shows it to be effective for skin discolouration. Other research also indicates azelaic acid may be an option for inhibiting melanin production.Citric acid: It has antioxidant properties and affects melanogenesis by reducing dopaquinone to DOPA and absorption of ultraviolet radiation, preventing free-radical production.
1-2 pumps on the face and neck at night time.
Phytic acid 0.5% , Azelaic acid 5% , and Vitamin C 0.5%.